WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WP Hosting explains exactly what managed wordpress web hosting is and why Managed WP may by the right or wrong web hosting choice for your WordPress website’s needs.

Each website has it’s own individual needs depending on the purpose, functionality, and traffic levels of the site.

Firstly, managed wordpress hosting plans are not cheap. If you’re looking for an affordable host for $5 or less per month then its a very good idea to compare the best cheap web hosting services in our side-by-side cheap web hosting comparison table.

If you’ve got a budget of $10 or more per month then continue reading to learn more about how managed wordpress hosting works out.

There are different types of managed hosting for WordPress.

Many of the web hosting sites that are billing themselves as “Managed” are using the term relatively.

In fact, the entire terms “Managed WordPress Hosting” and “WordPress Managed Hosting” are somewhat relative terms by definition since what defines “managed” is also relative.

Generally speaking, a managed wordpress host provides site owners & developers with a number of pre installed optimizations for WordPress to create an optimal hosting environment for WP website developers.

Its best to divide managed web hosting plans into two groups:

  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Services
  • Discount WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

Continue reading to understand these two types wordpress managed hosting options and choose the one that works better for you.

Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Premium” managed WP hosting services are provided by web hosting companies that per-package and manage essential WordPress hosting features and hosting configurations to optimize your website’s performance.

World class customer service is another feature that separates premium managed wordpress hosting serveries from discount managed wordpress hosting plans available from the budget web hosting companies.

Kinsta is the classic example of a premium WordPress hosting option.

Discount WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

Many of the best web hosting sites have started to offer discounted WP managed hosting plans to their customers at much cheaper prices that are associated with premium managed WP plans.

Traditional web hosting companies like BlueHost, Godaddy, SiteGround, DreamHost, Host Gator, etc… all now offer they own wordpress managed hosting plans at discounted prices.

There’s not catch, they’re just somewhat limited in comparison to premium manged host services by companies like Kinsta, especially when it comes to customer support.

There is no comparison with Kinsta customer service and Godady’s because frankly, they’re light years apart.

#1 Discount Managed WP Hosting Site

SiteGround is the discounted web hosting providers for WP websites that I recommend the most.

I have tried them all and still continue use lots of different web hosting sites as I’ve got a large & diverse internet business.

If you’re looking for managed wordpress hosting plans under $10 then SiteGround is the best choice in my professional opinion.