What is SEO? Does your business need it?

What is SEO? The term “SEO“, or acronym SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. Or is spelled search engine optimisation if you’re in the United Kingdom. What’s important to know with SEO is how it works. Understanding all of the endless complexities of SEO (search engine optimization) takes years of in-depth studying and hands on […]

Web Hosting

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Read about the some of the best cheap web hosting sites in 2021 on (BWHS). Businesses and personal website owners can quickly compare and contrast the most popular affordable hosting plans from several of the largest web hosting sites. Consider these discount hosting providers for your next website. They all have good quality web […]

WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WP Hosting explains exactly what managed wordpress web hosting is and why Managed WP may by the right or wrong web hosting choice for your WordPress website’s needs. Each website has it’s own individual needs depending on the purpose, functionality, and traffic levels of the site. Firstly, managed wordpress hosting plans are not […]

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting

Hello today and welcome to (BWHS). On this BWHS page I’l will be reviewing some of the best hosting sites offering web hosting services in the cloud. Alternatively, for a more affordable plan you can consider the best cheap web hosting sites as a good alternative to the cloud. In recent years the demand […]